CORE FUSION 2 LW - The ultimate, light wind, crossride machine.

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The new Fusion 2 LW edition. The Swiss Army® knife of light wind kiteboards. Always the right choice for your next epic session.  Wind conditions don’t matter when you‘re riding the Fusion 2 LW, the ultimate all style twin tip. Your weapon of choice to deliver maximum stoke on those marginal wind days.

You will find each board in the LW range has its own unique personality. The smaller LW is known for its cat like agility and the larger LW for its mad swagger. Rest assured, our innovative boards will perform beyond your expectations and just maybe, take you to nirvana with technology that incorporates a decade’s worth of board building expertise from Europe’s leading custom board manufacturer, Trust CORE to engineer pure, light wind excitement.

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Delivery includes:
Fusion 2, grab handle, G10 Pro Fins (48mm), V4A-Screws (to attach fins)

CORE Union Comfort Pads & Straps
CORE Union Pro Pads & Straps


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