CORE Impact

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The no compromise, no nonsense, C-kite. For those adrenaline pumping unhooked moves you keep on trying. We say...more power to you. And now, 10 years after launching the fabled C-kite, known as the Carved Unit, we give you the power to master your inner freestyle and wakestyle ninjas with the new CORE Impact.


Unadulterated and pure perfection. Squared tips and bridleless. A dedicated freestyle/wakestyle machine with a deep, extreme C-shape. For the most controllable, slack-able, freestyle kite possible. 


7.0 | 9.0 | 11.0 | 13.0 

Key feature snapshot:

  • Deep C-Shape
  • Classic C-Tips
  • 5 Line Setup
  • ExoTex® Dacron 
  • CoreTex® Triple Ripstop
  • Speed Valve 2 
  • Speed Pump System
  • 5 Strut Frame
  • Active 5th Line Safety
  • Custom Trim System
  • Rapid Relaunch
  • Sensor Bar System Ready with 5th Line Kit
  • Grintex Patches®

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